Diamond Buyers

If you are in search of a reputable diamond buyer in Los Angeles we are uniquely qualified to assist you. We are GIA trained gemologists who specialize in the purchase and sale of Antique, Estate and Fine Jewelry. We are located in the heart of the Beverly Hills shopping district and are always in need of quality diamonds to meet our customer demand. It is this demand that allows us to pay you more for your diamonds. There are many diamond buyers in Los Angeles, but few who have a retail outlet for the gemstones they acquire. Diamonds are an integral part of our jewelry business. Whether we are building a custom engagement ring, or restoring a unique piece from the Art Deco period, access to quality diamonds is essential. As diamond buyers we are also very interested in older stones cut from the mid 19th Century to the mid 20th Century. Often referred to as “old European”, “old mine” or “transitional” cuts, these stones were the precursor to the modern round brilliant and are very common in Antique, Period & Estate jewelry. If you have a diamond that you are considering selling or having appraised, please visit our Beverly Hills Location, call to make an appointment, or fill out our convenient online Inquiry Form and a representative will contact you promptly.