What Are My Gold and Silver Coins Worth?

Posted by on December 20, 2019 in Coins, Gold, Precious Metals, Silver

What Are My Gold and Silver Coins Worth?

us_silver_coinsWe receive many phone calls each week from people wanting sell coins in Los Angeles. Often times it is a collection of old United States coins that were collected by an older relative and passed down. They will often ask what we are paying for old silver coins, or want to know what their coin collection may be worth.

The over-simplification of evaluating the value of a coin collection is a product of the recent rise in precious metals prices. As “gold buyers” have opened on every street corner, many numismatic (collectible) gold & silver coins are being purchased and melted down for their value in precious metal. While most pre-1965 silver coins are worth just their weight in silver, many are worth much more. The same holds true for pre-1933 U.S. gold coins.

The only way any reputable coin dealer in Los Angeles can give you an accurate appraisal of your coins is to look at the coins in person. Rare coins and coin collecting is a very exacting and specific business, and much of what gives one coin value over another would be hard to discern by your average person. The first step for anyone looking to have a coin collection appraised, or who wants to sell coins in Los Angeles, is to find a reputable coin dealer to work with. Dealers in other fields of the precious metals business are usually not trained numismatists and just do not have the knowledge necessary to give an accurate appraisal of value. Coins that have been graded by a third party grading company such as PCGS or NGC are much easier to evaluate, as the question of condition has already been established. Even in this circumstance, only a coin dealer is going to know what the most current market prices are for each coin.

Los Angeles Gold & Silver is a rare coin shop located in the heart of the Beverly Hills shopping district and we offer free appraisals on all coins and coin collections with no obligation. If you are looking to sell coins in Los Angeles, or a have a coin or collection appraised, please visit us in Beverly Hills before you do so. And please do not EVER clean a coin! Cleaning a rare coin can destroy thousands of dollars of value.