50 Facts About Gold You May Not Know

Posted by on November 15, 2019 in Gold, News, Precious Metals

50 Facts About Gold You May Not Know


goldfactsWhat actually is gold and what makes it valuable? We are asked this question a lot! The story of gold is as complicated as the metal itself. Wars have been (and continue to be) fought for it. Scientists marvel over it. Archaeologists go insane over it. Love has been declared with it. No matter how you slice it, gold is a global standard and everyone wants it!

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs portrayed gold as the brilliance of the sun, while modern astronomers use mirrors coated with gold to capture images of the heavens. Computer manufacturers use it to build computer related parts and blood was spilled over it in mass quantity during the California gold rush.

According to sources, there are approximately 165,000 metric tonnes of gold stock in existence above ground. 24K gold is pure gold in its refined state. It is soft, flexible, and even delicate. 22K and 21K gold is made of “about 90% pure gold” respectively. These karatages are particularly prevalent in India and the Middle East. One of the great qualities of gold is its malleability. This, combined with its physical beauty and resistance to corrosion, makes gold the ultimate creative medium. Pure gold can be considered too soft and delicate for use in jewelry, so it is often combined with other metals for greater strength.

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