Gold Buyers

Los Angeles Gold & Silver continues to be the premiere Gold Buyer in Los Angeles. Due to the steady rise in the price of gold over the past decade, “gold buying” businesses seem to be on every street corner in Los Angeles. They are not all created equal. If you are dealing with an honest, reputable business, the process of selling your gold should be simple, straight-forward and comfortable.

There are three steps to buying gold:

  1. Identifying the karat or purity of your gold.
  2. Weighing your gold.
  3. Calculating our buy price based on the current price of gold.


The first step we take when buying gold is to carefully identify what karat gold your items are composed of. Higher karat equates to higher purity. This is done using either an electronic tester or a standard acid gold test. These tests are conducted in a matter of minutes and in your presence. Once the karat of your gold has been determined, the next step is to weigh your item or items. We have electronic scales that are certified accurate each year by the City of Los Angeles Weights & Means Commission. Once we have determined the weight of your gold, we calculate our buy price based on the purity of your gold, its total weight and the price of gold that day. This is a very simple calculation which we are happy to explain to you. From this simple process we now have a buy price that represents what we will pay you for your gold. There are no extra costs or fees. You are under no obligation to sell any of your items, and there is no charge for this service. We are involved in many aspects of the precious metals business and pride ourselves on representing a high standard as Los Angeles Gold Buyers. We have a very satisfied and loyal clientele and are referred by many businesses in our area.