As professional numismatists we are interested in all currency and currency collections. We buy, sell and appraise all United States currency, and some world currency. If you have  a piece of currency or currency collection that you are considering selling or having appraised, we can be of assistance. We offer free appraisals with no obligation to sell.  Please visit our Beverly Hills location, call to make an appointment, or fill out our online Inquiry Form and a representative will contact you promptly. Because of the fragile nature of paper currency it is vitally important to have all valuable currency graded and sealed in mylar holders to protect it from environmental damage.  The types of currency we buy include all U.S. Currency and some World Currency.

United States Currency     

  • Continental Currency (1775-1779)
  • Colonial Currency (1690- 1793)
  • Treasury Notes of War of 1812
  • Confederate Notes (1861-1864)
  • Demand Notes
  • Interest Bearing Notes
  • Fractional Currency
  • Treasury or Coin Notes
  • Legal Tender Notes
  • Silver Certificates
  • National Bank Notes
  • Federal Reserve Notes
  • Gold Certificates
  • WWII Emergency Notes
  • Large Size (1861-1918)
  • Small Size (1928-Present)
  • Star Notes
  • Encased Postage Stamps
  • Postage Envelopes
  • Errors