Cash for Jewelry

Cash for Jewelry along with Cash for Gold has become synonymous with the “gold buying” business. The steady rise in the price of gold over the past decade has made the business of trading cash for jewelry extremely lucrative for both the customer and the gold buyer. At Los Angeles Gold & Silver we are much more than just “gold buyers”. We specialize in Antique, Estate and Fine Jewelry, and can often pay more cash for your jewelry than it is worth in precious metal and gemstones. When the precious metals market goes through a “hot” cycle the casualties are always valuable heirlooms that are destroyed for their metal content. As purveyors of all precious metals we provide a service that few others can. We have the expertise to identify truly collectible and important jewelry pieces, and we pay the highest prices for all gold, silver, platinum & palladium items that are just worth their value in metal. If you are seeking the best place to get cash for jewelry in Los Angeles then we can assist you. We offer free appraisals with no obligation. Please visit our Beverly Hills location, call to make an appointment or fill out our online Inquiry Form and a representative will contact you promptly.